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February Favorites

Listening to: Welcome to My Life - Simple Plan

 A Stolen Life (Memoir) by Jacyee Dugard

Do You Love Me Too by Tessa Violet feat Rusty Clanton

  1. The Hunt (Denmark) - 2012
  2. Canola (South Korea) - 2016
  3. Hacksaw Ridge (USA) - 2016
  4. Hidden Figure (USA) - 2016

Brussels Sprouts

  1. Converse Sling Bag
  2. Lawak Kampus Button

Stay Cozy!!


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Escapism : West Japan [Birthday Trip]

Listening to:Perfect Strangers - Jonas Blue ft JP Cooper

09/05/2017 - 15/05/2017

To celebrate my 27th Birthday, i make short trip to japan.

February Favourites

Listening to: End Game - Taylor Swift
Song: Paris in the rain by Lauv * actually find this song by Youtube suggestion]
Movie: My Friend Dahmer (USA) -  2017
* i really love to watch any movie that involved with or based on  true story/events or real people, especially  regarding a psychopath people. ya i know, i kinda a weird person right? haha. 

2018: January

Listening to:New Year's Day - Taylor Swift
Happy New Year everyone.  Stay Cozy everyone :)